Ultimate Painless Nail Grinder
Ultimate Painless Nail Grinder
Ultimate Painless Nail Grinder
Ultimate Painless Nail Grinder
Ultimate Painless Nail Grinder
Ultimate Painless Nail Grinder
Ultimate Painless Nail Grinder
Ultimate Painless Nail Grinder
Ultimate Painless Nail Grinder

Ultimate Painless Nail Grinder

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DON’T WORRY ABOUT HURTING YOUR DOG EVER AGAIN - Have you ever tried to clip your dog's nails only to accidently hit the nail quick resulting in a bleeding nail and terrifying cry from your dog? This painless nail grinder will ensure you have full control and never experience your dog cry like that again!

SAVE MONEY ON NAIL GROOMING PROFESSIONALS - Many dogs tend to get very anxious when getting their nails trimmed even when done by expensive pet grooming professionals! With this grooming tool you’ll not only save a lot of money on professional pet groomers but you’ll also experience your dog being much more relaxed and at ease during your home grooming.

ULTRA SILENT NAIL TRIMMING - Why is this specific nail trimmer so much better than the competitors? The reason is our nail groomer is developed with a special ultra silent & low vibration technology which ensure your dog won’t experience any stress during nail trimming. One of our customers even send a picture of her dog sleeping next to a power “ON” nail trimmer!

PERFECT FOR ALL DOG SIZES - One of most frequent questions we get for this product is what size dog it works for, and the answer is simply all sizes! Just make sure to choose the appropriate “grinder port” for your dogs size and know that the time to finish the nail trimming will depend on the size of your dog.

RECOMMENDED BY VETERINARIANS - This painless nail grinder is recommended by veterinarians because it gives full control over the situation, a stress free dog and a simple actionable way to get the nails trimmed in a timely manner.

How to use the nail grinder correctly in 4 simple steps.

  1. Accustom your dog to the grinder - turn on the grinder and accustom your dog to the sound and smell to avoid scaring your dog during the first use.

  2. Choose the appropriate grinder port - and then make sure your dog is relaxed and ready before starting the grooming.

  3. Carefully start the nail grinding so it ends up with a smooth surface - make sure you grind at a 45 degree angle, grind slow and controlled the first few times.

  4. Reward your dog every single time - Always give your dog its favorite treat during the session and at the end to let the dog associate the product with a pleasant reward and experience.


Ultra silent & low vibration technology
Fits all dog sizes, just choose the appropriate “grinder port”
Fully charged in 2 hours and can trim nail for up to 3 hours
Travel friendly USB charging by USB charger adapter, Laptop/Desktop or Power bank

Package includes:

1x Painless nail grinder
1x USB charge cable
1x Package box
1x User manual

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