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All of our jewellery is made from nickel free non-allergic metals such as stainless steel, sterling silver, and rhodium plated zinc alloy. We make sure that we do not use any materials that would cause an allergic reaction.

While our business is an online only shop (we have no storefront), we ship from our warehouse in the United Kingdom. 

Unit 1, Cumberland House, Cumberland Rd, North Shields NE29 8RD, United Kingdom


Shipping is FREE for orders over £25! Otherwise it is £3.95.

Most of our products are custom made to order, meaning that we do not carry much stock of each item. It takes approximately 1-3 weeks for you to receive your order (but we try for sooner).

Delivery will be via UK Mail, Royal Mail or Post Office Ltd and shipping times will vary based on your relative distance from us here in the UK.

Most orders should take less than 14 days to get to you, but the pandemic has caused delays at times. 

Most of our products are custom made to order, meaning that we do not carry much stock of each item. It takes approximately 1-3 weeks for you to receive your order (but we try for sooner)


Please email us at with your request along with your order number or use the contact form below.

You may return your item for a full refund or product exchange within 30 days from the date the item is delivered to you. If you are still waiting for your order and wish to cancel, no problem! We'll give you a full refund if you don't want to wait.  See more info here --> Refund Policy

This Refund Policy is subject to change at any time, without notice. Please review the Refund Policy here at for any changes or updates.

Refunds usually take 3-5 business days to fully process, but can take up to 7 days to show up on your card.

Why did you take my money out of my account and my order has not shipped yet?

ALL orders placed on our site are automatically charged to your form of payment (credit card or debit card) upon placing the order. We do not "take your money" out of your account; when you place an order from us you agree for the shown total order value to be charged to your form of payment immediately. This does not mean we will keep your money if you need a refund! Please see our refund policy for more information --> Link here

First of all thanks for purchasing with us!

Hopefully you'll recall a problem submitting the order initially and submitting the order more than once before it going through.

Although the transaction didn't go through, your card issuing bank may place the requested funds on a hold - thus appearing as though another valid charge was made.

The hold on the funds will remain until it is removed by your card issuer. 

The time frame for how long these funds are held is entirely up to the card issuer, the industry average is 7 days for credit cards and 3 days for debit cards; although, some banks will hold the funds for up to 30 days.

Your online report will show these charges likely as "Pending".

99% Of the time there is an issue with placing your order, it's because you have recently moved.

Your billing address needs to be set to the address your credit card is registered to.

If that's the case, untoggling my shipping address is the same as billing address.

The most likely reason is that your order confirmation went to spam or junk. We've had this issue frequently with popular email platforms like Hotmail/Outlook and Yahoo. So please check your spam folder and mark the item as "not spam"

If you can't find the order confirmation in your spam folder, please contact us through the contact form below and we'll help you locate your order.

You can reach us via the contact form below, feel free to contact us at or you can call/text us at +44 7782 359699

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