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Have you seen your furry friend smile?

That's what we strive for everyday!

First Thoughts - Why buy from us?

We noticed that there were no straightforward shopping option that have been made for our pets. Looking at shelves and hundreds of website, there were products we used, but no products we loved.

So we decided to take matters in our own hands, and we took the first step towards what should end out as My Fluffy Paws.

The story behind our name: My Fluffy Paws

All of us happened to have pets with super fluffy paws and after a lot of speculation, we were like, "hey why don’t we just call it that?" We all agreed upon that being both funny and cute, because after all, that’s what we’re working with, fluffy paws. We know it might not be the “smartest” but we like it that way.

Our Mission

Have you ever seen your furry friend smile? That’s what we strive for everyday here at My Fluffy Paws! We will give you and your pets the opportunity to have endless hours of fun and joy, which ensures a healthy way of life keeping your furry friend around for many years to come. From the feeling you get when you take your dog home for the first time, to the heartbreaking moment where you have to say goodbye, there's nothing we cherish more than the love and connection we feel with our dogs. 

Your pet misses you too

That's why we feel it's important to give that love back. Maybe just play with them, going for a walk or even a new toy for them to get excited about!

Production & Product Collection

From one pet lover to another.

Made by humans, tested on humans and hand delivered to your pets for the best possible experience.

All our products are tested on humans, simply because our pets only deserves the very best, there’s no plan b for our four legged friends!

Our collection currently covers the most common aspects of any pets life, however it will continue to grow as we develop, discover and finish testing new products. So Stay Tuned!

- PS. We would love to hear if you have some recommendations or ideas for the future!