First thoughts - Why buy from us

Kaitlyn, noticed that there were no straightforward shopping option that were made for her. Looking at shelves and hundreds of website, there were products she used, but no products she loved.

So she decided to take matters in her own hands, and with her two best friends, Sarah and Erik, she took the first step towards what should end out as My Fluffy Paws.

The story behind our name My Fluffy Paws

All 3 of us happened to have pets with super fluffy paws and after a lot of speculation Erik were like, hey why don’t we just call it that? We all agreed upon that being both funny and cute, because after all, that’s what we’re working with, fluffy paws. We know it might not be the “smartest” but we like it that way.

The founders behind My Fluffy Paws

Product developer & Sales representative

My name is Kaitlyn and I live with my 2 cats, Cleo and Midnight. I’ve worked with pets the most of my life, previously as a pet veterinarian and now I’m focusing on creating the best possible homes for our fluffy friends.

Content creator & Support manager

My name is Sarah, I have a short-haired dachshund, Sansa, who I absolutely adore. I love seeing how happy she gets when I present her with a new toy or gadget for her to play with, and when you live in an apartment it’s a good way to get your dog activated throughout the day.

Designer & Web-creator

Hi, my name is Erik and I love pretty much all kind of animals but my dearest love must be for my dog Cooper. I’ve had him for 3 years but it feels like I just got him yesterday! I enjoy taking him out for a walk or play with him in the park. It’s a great excuse for me to get some exercise as well! I love my work and I’m happy I get to contribute to happy pets around the world.

Our mission

"Have you ever seen your furry friend smile? That’s what we strive for everyday here at My Fluffy Paws! We will give you and your pets the opportunity to have endless hours of fun and joy, which ensures a healthy way of life keeping your furry friend around for many years to come."

Your pet misses you too

That's why we feel it's important to give that love back. Maybe just play with them, going for a walk or even a new toy for them to get excited about!


Had the pleasure of communicating with Sarah regarding an item I bought, professional and personal support! I strongly recommend

Heather L.

They stand behind their products and deliver on their promises. And my dog absolutely loves the interactive food dispenser.

Arthur M.

Production & Product collection

From one pet lover to another.

Made by humans, tested on humans and hand delivered to your pets for the best possible experience.

All our products are tested on humans, simply because our pets only deserves the very best, there’s no plan b for our four legged friends!

Our collection currently covers the most common aspects of any pets life, however it will continue to grow as we develop, discover and finish testing new products. So Stay Tuned!

- PS. We would love to hear if you have some recommendations or ideas for the future!